Residential Carehome for Elderly

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The Glorian Manor Residential Care Home for Elderly is licensed by the California State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.  

The Glorian Manor, 3520 May Lane, San Jose, Ca  95124 
License # 435200796
6 non-ambulatory residents

The Glorian Manor two - 1732 Myra Drive, San Jose, Ca  95124
License # 435201576
6 non-ambulatory residents

The Glorian Manor Three - 1607 Inglis Lane, San Jose Ca 95118
License # 435294317
6 non-ambulatory residents           

Sonia Connors and Tom Connors are Administrators for the carehomes, and are also Licensed Registered Nurses. Being a Registered Nurse is not a requirement for residential carehomes, however is a distinct advantage.

Our caregivers are fingerprint scanned by the Department of Justice and required to go to continuing education classes.  Caregivers are trained by administrators on a weekly basis to provide the most current and up to date care practices.   


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The Glorian Manor